Hi! I'm Ahmad

Name: Ahmad Raza

Profile: Software engineer and web-developer

Email: mr.ahmedraza8@gmail.com

Phone: +92 333 9869526

Who I Am

"Young, free and wild. I create my own rules and live in my fantasy land. I make scaleable websites for my clients. I prefer quality over quantity. I love developing different websites and love playing mind and video games. Check out below for more information."

My Interests

Computers have intrigued me since I was a kid. I was so interested in knowing how how computers work. They seemed to me as superior species. With this much interest I've always wanted to pursue my career in computer science. I developed good and above average knowledge of computers form my childhood. Since then, I've loved coding and solving problems. As much I love coding and solving problems and developing websites, I also love gaming just like any other guy. I've pursued a good career in professional esports. With a compact personality, I don't give up and try my best to do things I love.


These are my website development skills


Some of my most recent projects done

AS Group Official

Web-Development Project / 13 June. 2023

Secret Tales

E-commerce store / 18 Sep. 2022


Ai Based ChatBot / 22 May. 2023